Little Ninjas Karate

At Circle of One Martial Arts and Fitness our Little Ninjas program is designed to improve the basic listening and motor skills of children ages 4 to 6. Our trained instructors understand that first and foremost, martial arts skills are used as tools to teach learning attitudes, while skill mastery is a secondary goal.

FUN is FAR MORE Than Meets the Eye!
Our Little Ninjas program is strategically planned to meet many goals. Our Primary objective is FUN! We do not hide or disguise the fact that fun plays a vital role in our curriculum.

Little Ninjas was designed with a tremendous goal in mind: To build skills that can and will last a LIFETIME! Among our fun learning environment we have incorporated vital components of learning: consistency, repetition, challenges and risks. The value of association becomes an intricate part of the learning process. Children who relate fun with challenges, risks and learning are more likely to carry the enjoyment of learning into their adult lives.

Little Ninjas Curriculum
Using the Little Ninjas training program as a fundamental part of our daily curriculum allows our children to learn through repetition. There are 8 major skills we focus on when training our children.  They are:
                  1. Focus                                 5. Memory
                  2. Teamwork                          6. Discipline
                  3. Control                               7. Fitness
                  4. Balance                              8. Coordination

Our classes help develop coordination, agility, depth & distance perception.  They enable challenges that can be accomplished, promoting increased self-esteem, while encouraging physical activity, as well as teaching social skills (sharing, taking turns, listening). As you can see, we make learning fun and educative.  At Circle of One Martial Arts and Fitness, it is much more than kicking and punching -it’s being the best you can be in everything you do.


We invite you and your child to come in and try a class to see what Circle of One Martial Arts and Fitness is all about!


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